Forms and Articles:



Notice of Privacy Practices  HIPAA agreement

Adult intake  for clients 18 and older

Child Teen Intake for clients under the age of 18

Family Intake Form for couples and families

Exchange/Release of Information to allow me to contact and share information with school, doctor, or anyone else that might be helpful

COVID Informed Consent form

Telehealth Permission


Play Therapy Makes a Difference – Association for Play Therapy  from the Association of Play Therapy about how play therapy can help.

Tenets for Relating to Children  Dr. Garry Landreth, founder of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas, has ten core principles for working with children in Child Centered Play Therapy.

Bringing your Child to Therapy article by play therapist Linda Lowenstein about how to talk to your child about play therapy and what to expect.

Play Therapy- Evidence-Based Practice  Association for Play Therapy’s article on play therapy as an evidence-based practice.

Rosalind Wiseman- Getting Help for Your Child  Washington Post article for parents about how and when to seek mental health services.

6 Ways Social Workers Can Help Children and Families  Clinical social workers bring a unique perspective to mental health by focusing on people in their environment.

How Children Process Grief and Loss through Play   How adults can support children through play, especially relevant in the time of COVID-19.